We create jewelries by using Japanese ideograms called ‘Hiragana’.

By creating these jewelries, we aim to make discover the beautiful calligraphy style of Hiragana’s ideograms which are so peculiar to Japan.

A new way to wear Japanese aesthetic design

Through their flowing lines, ideograms come to life. The calligraphist Saori Kunihiro has been fascinated by the beauty of “Hiragana”’s ideograms. Since the Manyo Era (7th/8th Century A.D.), the “Kana” became an important part of the Japanese culture and language. The calligraphist aims to merger past and present through these ideograms which have allowed Japanese people to express their own feelings for over thousand years. The jewelries called “Hiragana” become a new way to merger liking for writing and Japanese aesthetic.

Ideograms come to life with brushwork

How to show feelings with sophisticated design

Tourists are looking for souvenirs that remind them their traveling experience in Japan. For that reason, they would appreciate sophisticated calligraphy and its beautiful design. We think that the best idea for a souvenir is to bring back something that is daily used by Japanese people and which well express Japanese aesthetic. Nevertheless, either in Medias or in the cities, Japanese people don’t use enough the beauty of these ideograms by having no much interest in their mother tongue.
Consequently, they don’t use them so much in advertising. Here “Hiragana” stands. It is the beginning of a new trend, in which people from all around the world will develop interest for jewelries using Japanese calligraphy. The calligraphist Saori Kunihiro aims to make discover these new designs throughout the world, starting with “Hiragana” collection.

To wear cherished words


Have beautiful days with beautiful words.

The "つ" has a charming curve. "し" has a slender line. The "うつくしい" looks a woman's body line.
To women who wish to feel beautiful at every moment. The ”つ”has an attractive curve then the ”し” appears to be a slender line. The word “うつくしい” looks like woman curves indeed.

Thank you

Never forget the feeling to be grateful to someone.

To say “Thank you” even for every day tasks make people more happy.


Don't forget to help each other

People live by helping each other and none of them can live alone. The three ideograms “き”,”ず”,”な” and which lead to the word ”きずな”tend to connect people then.

To introduce Japanese towns’ names to the whole world


From the sky, the city of Tokyo looks like a melting pot of human beings which is changing everyday.


From your own cherished word into your original jewelry.