國廣 沙織  Saori Kunihiro

広島県出身 京都在住


I work as a contemporary artist and a jewelry designer. Through the basis of my childhood learning Japanese calligraphy. I am aspiring to find the possibilities of calligraphy in these modern times. From Japanese calligraphy, I was most inspired by the “Kana” of the Heian period, with its original beautiful flow of words.

I made a hiragana-motif accessary brand in 2015, conducting events in both foreign countries and domestically. Through this experience, I was able to learn branding and management.

By designing jewelry, collaborating with the clothing brand “BEAMS”, and exhibiting at the Tokyo collection 2020 Spring/Summer, I was able to feel the demand of using Japanese words as fashion.

It made it possible for me to shape calligraphy into “design” which can be worn, rather than a decoration inside the room which can be “seen”.

In 2019 I moved from Tokyo to Kyoto, to countinue my work using Japanese calligraphy as contemporary art for my creation.